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The final stool construction
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Major Airline Company - Bar Stools

Description :-
One of three seats for the first class section of the upper bar area of an international commercial airline.

Construction :-
Manufactured from a solid billet of aluminium, rough & finished on one of our multi axis bed mills. The component is then mirror polished and gold plated.

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Remotely Operated De-armer

Description :-
Remotely operated De-armer / Name The Guardian / troops nick name ‘Elmo’.
Worldwide use for military and security currently in Afghanistan.

Construction :-
· Constructed in Aluminium.
· Width: 417mm (tracks), 535mm (wheels), length: 1280mm (extended), 758mm (normal drive configuration), height: (stowed) 504mm (tracks), 524mm (wheels)
· Extending and multi-jointed arm vertical reach: 2.5m, horizontal reach: 2.1m
· Adjustable ‘Elbow’ joint has a reach of 400m
· Auto braking option
· 4 track modules for multi-terrains
· Radio and fibre optic control
· Up to 4 cameras/video channels
· Speed 0-2.7kph/Hr (tracks), 0-4.5kph/Hr (wheels)

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