Sheet Metal and Fabrication

Military Instrument Shield

Solid Trailer
Aerotech can manage and assemble a wide variety of parts from smaller items
To that of larger construction. From Civil and military products
including trailer assemblies built from scratch.

  • Our expertise and experience can eliminate problems and assist in quality control.
  • CAD CAM, programmable stations for Laser Cutting and Punching machines.
  • Guillotine
  • 1, 2 & 3 metre folding.
  • Plasma cutting
  • Corner notcher.
  • Metal working machine, shearing 300 x 10 plate, hole punching angle cutting thick plate.
  • Rolling machines, 3 pairs.
  • Powered Rollers, 6 foot, up to 1.8m lengths.
  • Deburring machine, Grindmaster 900 (different grades of finish available).

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